Longing for resonance in Community (2019)

In 2016, the sociologist Hartmut Rosa put forward the thesis
in his book „Resonanz“ (Resonance - A Sociology of the relationship to the world) that mankind has a fundamental need for a response relationship („resonance“) with the world. He sees the society of the modern age, which is looking for control, security and economic e ciency, as a society that is becoming increasingly „less resonant“ and also tries to make resonance available.

The resonance that can be experienced in community is parti- cularly romanticized. With the Industrial Revolution the depen- dence of the individual on communities such as family, religion or village community has decreased and with it its status in our society. In the meantime, new communities such as associations, clubs and subcultures have formed. But can a longing for said „resonance“ be made visible in them photographically?