“Kommen Sie aus Europa?” (2021)

A family has to flee Afghanistan and is subjected to the complicated asylum procedure in the EU. After five five years living in Germany with his son father Mohammad achieves a ban on deportation. This is needed to try to get his wife and the second son to live with him. With this he tries to get his wife and the second son to live with him. When he travels to Iran to get the marriage certificate required for this, he loses his passport. At the Afghan embassy he is told that it can take up to six months to get a new passport. But since he has to go back to his son in Germany, in the end he has no other option than to make it a second time across the Mediterranean to Europe with his family. They end up in the Moria camp on Lesbos.

Although the ten-year-old son is waiting alone with the neighbors in Germany for his father to return, his family is not allowed to travel to Germany for 18 months.

Part 1: “Machen Sie hier Urlaub?”
Part 2: “Kommen Sie aus Europa?”

Part 1 - “Machen Sie hier Urlaub?”

Part 2 - “Kommen Sie aus Europa?”