Connection and Separation of Man and Nature

(ongoing since 2021)

Part 1

Man vs. Nature

In the story of separation, we live in, nature had to be turned into dead goods, into an object to dominate it. At the same time in modern western societies everythin we can count and measure has a higher reality status. What we feel has been devalued as pure subjectivity.
But maybe deep inside of us we can feel our interdependencies. That’s why we ofte bury our violent acts against other beings and everything connected to it in the dark.
We don’t want to feel the pain. Isn’t this pain an indicator, just like all of our feeling are, for a connection? Can we find a way to listen to them as an act of change?
My images illustrate a research on the dialectic of the separation and fascination for
other life on this planet.

Part 2

Where and how do you have a connection to nature in your city or home?
(In collaboration with Joseph Kennel)

It’s hard to separate nature from our urban lives. Dirt, microbes, plants, and trees are weaved throughout our cities – within our own homes and around our streets. We want to explore with you the conscious and unconscious connections we build with nature in our daily lives to seek how these moments can remind us of our entanglements with it.

As visitors in Izmir, we were quickly drawn to scenes across the city where the urban and the natural merge together. In one sense, we were drawn to public spaces in which nature
pushes through the urban environment fighting for its own space. Yet we quickly became
interested in how humans were also helping mold these connections, and interacting with
nature throughout the city.